The only print vehicle devoted to the exchange of the most current news and information
 of specific interest to the southwest Florida business community.

The mission of "Southwest Florida Business Today" is to be the sole up-to-the-minute business-to-business "marketplace" where business owners and executives operating in southwest Florida buy and sell goods via the exchange of news, advertising, and information.  

    Is it about business in southwest Florida?

Is it important to businesses in southwest Florida?

Is it timely?

Is it accurate?

Is it the truth?
Among the subjects that may be addressed in "Southwest Florida Business Today:"  
  • Business Advice on a broad range of topics and situations facing business owners and executives in southwest Florida today.
  • "What's New" with individual businesses and the people that work in the southwest Florida business community
  • Educational materials, tools, resources and classes available to southwest Florida business executives and owners
  • Legislative Updates and their impact on the operation of southwest Florida businesses
  • Market Updates, keeping business owners and executives current with changes in the economic climate of southwest Florida

...and much much more!